Friday, 20 February 2015

Colours of 2015 - Raspberry

For February our chosen colour for the Facebook photography challenge was Raspberry.  This is not a colour I have around me or one that I usually work with in my art, so I knew it was going to be tough.  However, my love of food came to the rescue and I found chocolate mini eggs wrapped in beautiful dark pink foil, dark chocolate covered in raspberries, strawberries and rose petals, some raspberry flavoured macaroons, and cupcake cases in bright contrasting colours with a hint of raspberry pink!  


  1. Such lovely, joyful, happy images!
    Is the tablecloth in the last two photos Marimekko's "Poppy"?
    I'm happy if you like it! :)

    1. Thank you Sara - the background is a Marimekko paper napkin - I love those bright colours together!

    2. A paper napkin? I wouldn't have ever believed! You have smoothed it so well! :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous images and colours Diana and all outside your usual scope. Fantastic.
    Lynn xx

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